As a student and young professional living in some of the most expensive cities in the world (hello, Manhattan), I have often resorted to looking in odd places to satiate my love for good design.

My love of the hunt began with off-beat shopping in San Francisco and New York as a young professional, growing up just several blocks from the shop floor-to-salvage institution that is Jeremy’s. In graduate school, I spent weekends culling through hole in the wall consignment stores in the Greater Boston area. I even combed through the terrible selection at the local Second Time Around shops. I developed patience and an eye for missed opportunities, uncovering some real gems along the way.

When I came to LA, I furnished my apartment with quality, high-end pieces scored almost entirely from Craigslist for less than what a full set of IKEA furniture would cost.

If your eyes are bigger than your stomach, I’m here to help. Tell me your vision, and I can scour the ends of the earth and back to treasure hunt for you.