When I was in fourth grade, our teacher made us do an in-class session on ikebana, or the Japanese art of flower arrangement. I am definitely not an expert, but I like the way the Gerber daisies are looking out of their flower delivery box this evening. I am thrilled that Cu sent these to me for our 7-year anniversary.

Three weeks ago I discovered my local farmer’s market. There are two vendors that sell flowers, usually $5 to $6 per bunch. Last week I bought some Chinese tea roses, which tend to last 2 weeks if you trim the stems at an angle and change out the water every couple of days.

I have taken to the occasional floral splurge, and coming home to fresh cut flowers is really something I have come to appreciate. Flowers are like throw pillows – I find they really brighten my mood when I leave and come home from work and my commute.